Learn about the science behind OverT Bio

With a rapidly growing team of immunologists and genome engineers and backed by top-tier TechBio investors, OverT Bio is developing effective and safe cellular therapies for solid tumors. Founded in 2022 by Drs. Mat Legut and Neville Sanjana, OverT Bio has pioneered new pooled functional screening and synthetic genomics platforms (OverTarget and OverTune™) to develop next-generation engineered immune cells. The science behind these platforms has been published in leading journals including Nature, The New England Journal of Medicine, and Nature Reviews Cancer.

A genome-scale screen for synthetic drivers of T cell proliferation (pdf)

Nature (2022)

Turbocharging the T cell to fight cancer (pdf)

The New England Journal of Medicine (2022)

Multiomics-guided cellular immunotherapies (pdf)

Nature Reviews Cancer (2023)